January StatisticsLeads Generated: 1166 -- Sales Generated: 137 -- Sign Ups: 107 -- Total Revenue: $7907.97


Goodbye Warm Market started out of my frustration and shame with the results I was creating in my business. After starting my fifth "primary" company my warm market was pretty burned up. However, this time I said to myself, "Jonathan, just follow the training that they give you. Listen and just do what they tell you to do."

So once again I brought out the oh so familiar "Top 20 List" worksheet. This time I was determined, forget 20 or even 50, I was going all the way. Contact list here we go.  A to Z, Z to A, scroll up and down Facebook, grabbing every person and their family's contact info.

... Finally it was complete...  a thing of pure beauty...


Now what... Oh... You know it... That sinking feeling when it hits...
Picking up that 800lb cell phone!

Send out 10 text messages, get 2 responses... "Ok upline I got two prospects are you available for a 3 - way call?"

Now after two months of non-stop texting, calling, 3 - ways & coffee meetings I signed up 6 people! Wow... It was the best I'd ever done... My new personal record...

Heck I was featured on all my team calls, "Jonathan, He's an up and coming star.
Look out for this guy!"

I had to go through close to 50 people to get my 6 sign ups. I did over 30 presentations before I had 1 "Yes"! It was the best training and butt kicking I've ever been through in my business.

So Jonathan, how does Goodbye Warm Market fit in?

Well, that's a great question... I started asking the question,
"Is there another way to do this? A better way? A way I can use internet?
Social Media? Anything other than harassing my friends or family?"

So after spending (investing) tens of thousands of dollars buying courses, attending major training conference, going to private weekend workshop and endless masterminds. I finally found a system that worked for me.

Now today, I'm leveraging the resources around me to work for me 24 / 7.  I'm constantly giving my presentation to hundreds of people every week, all with a push of a button.

What took me 2 months to produce, I can now do in ONE day. It's absolutely amazing. I wouldn't believe you for the life of me had you told me this a year ago.

So now I started this company to share, teach, enlighten others that are on the same journey as I am. Please feel free to check out the content here and don't be shy.
Reach out if you have any questions!

Thank you again for stopping by. Blessing on your business!



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