January StatisticsLeads Generated: 1166 -- Sales Generated: 137 -- Sign Ups: 107 -- Total Revenue: $7907.97

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Push Button Recruiting Blueprint

The Push Button Recruiting Blueprint is our flag ship product. This product was created out of years of frustrations of trying to build a home business the "traditional" way and failing many times. Finally, we stumbled across this blueprint and it's completely changed our business. If you want to learn how to add up to 5 - 10 new reps each week without talking to your warm market. Check out this product.

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By implementing this Blueprint, I was able to generate over $200k in sales in one year! I can't wait to see what this year holds!!!

Chris White
Chris White Superhumanalliance.com

One-On-One Strategy Sessions

These ~45 minute sessions are designed to help your business get into profit ASAP. Whether you're doing traditional marketing or online marketing, I'm here to help clear out the junk and design an action plan for you to implement and get results. These sessions are typically $147 per sessions. However, for those that have purchased our Push Button Recruiting Blueprint, you get one complimentary session to help you get things going. Click below to "Redeem" your complimentary session or to schedule other sessions.

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... this training has changed my life in such a positive way, I honestly don't know where I would be without them...

Eric Wilkes
Eric Wilkes GlobalLeadershipMaximum.com

Elite One-On-One Coaching

Our Elite One-On-One Coaching Program is a 12 week, application only mentoring program. During these 12 weeks we walk you through how to take your offline business and bring it online. Our step by step coaching gives you all the tools you need to start generating leads and sales online. The Program also includes a 12 month online accountability program and support group. For more details on this program or to apply click "Get The Details".

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Chris White Superhumanalliance.com